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Titles and abstracts of presentations:

Christos Antonopoulos, "Chimera-like synchronization phenomena in the brain". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Panos Argyrakis, "Recent results on complex networks and their applications". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Vasileios Basios, "Labyrinth Chaos: non-Hamiltonian, conservative, elegant chaos without any attractors". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Giuliano Benenti, "Onsager reciprocal relations with broken time-reversal symmetry". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Anastasios Bezerianos, "Graph Theory Complex Networks and Source/Sensor Analysis for (Real Time) Cognitive Workload Assessment". ( Presentation )

Alexey Borisov, "On a non-holonomic system similar to the Chaplygin sphere". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Guanrong Chen, "Further and more about equilibria and attractors of 3D chaotic systems". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Rémy Dubertrand, "Many-body semiclassics for Bose-Hubbard, spectral statistics and random wave approach". (Abstract )

Mohammad Reza Ejtehadi, "Interacting defects and their dynamics in 2D active nematics". (Abstract )

Sergej Flach, "Thermalization of weakly nonintegrable many-body systems". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Theo Geisel, "Epidemics and human mobility". (Abstract )

Shahid Iqbal, "Quantum metrology with continuous-variable states". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Vahid Karimipour, "Matrix product states and exact solutions for one-dimensional stochastic processes". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

M. Lakshmanan, "Nondegenerate and degenerate solitons in certain physically important integrable coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Arul Lakshminarayan, "Out-of-time-ordered correlators in coupled chaotic systems". ( Presentation )

Robert MacKay, "Hamiltonian dynamics for stellarator design". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Davron Matrasulov, "Transparent quantum graphs". (Abstract )

Astero Provata, "The influence of connectivity and dimensionality in the morphology of chimera states". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Dimitrios Razis, "Monoclinal waves in granular flow: The interplay between nonlinearity and diffusion". (Abstract )

Fabio Revuelta, "New perspectives into the chaotic dynamics in molecules". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Marko Robnik, "Quantum localization of chaotic systems". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Jung-Wan Ryu, "New type of oscillation death in coupled counter-rotating identical nonlinear oscillators". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Miguel Sanjuan, "Basin entropy: A new method to measure unpredictability in physical systems". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Eckehard Schöll, "Partial synchronization patterns in brain networks". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Haris Skokos, "Chaotic behavior of multidimensional Hamiltonian systems". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Christos Spitas, "On weakly frequency-dependent hysteretic damping". (Abstract )

Andreas Sofianos, "Homoclinic explosion in a Lorenz like system". (Abstract )

Hadi Susanto, "Analysis of homoclinic snaking in various lattices". (Abstract )

Ugur Tirnakli, "Statistical characterization of area-preserving maps". (Abstract )

Ko van der Weele, "Granular waves: The dynamical systems approach". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )

Zhanat Zhunussova, "Steady states and traveling wave solutions of the Heisenberg and M-I spin systems". (Abstract ) ( Presentation )